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  The Future Is Making Canadian Space Murder Illegal 2 MAY 2022 TOP STORY Canada Says Astronauts Are No Longer Allowed to Murder Each Other It's technically not against Canadian law for a Canadian to murder another Canadian on the Moon right now. But a Criminal Code amendment snuck into the country's 2022 federal budget would … Continue reading Futurism Newsletter

Newsletter: Foreign Affairs Today

May 2, 2022 | View in Browser Sponsored by Structured Finance Association China’s Ukraine Conundrum Why the War Necessitates a Balancing Act By Yan Xuetong A Foreign Affairs subscription is less than $3.50/month. Subscribe today. Can Kazakhstan Shed Its Kleptocratic Past? Fighting Graft in Almaty Will Also Test Western Anticorruption Commitments By Alexander Cooley Ukraine’s Digital Fight Goes Global The … Continue reading Newsletter: Foreign Affairs Today

Did you know..

Did you know... ... that today is British Woman Prime Minister Day? In 1979, Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative Party, was chosen prime minister of Great Britain. On February 11, 1975, she had been elected the first female leader of a British political party when she became the leader of the Conservative Party.~~~ Today's … Continue reading Did you know..

15 Quotes on the Meaning of Success

What is success? Depending on who you ask, success can manifest itself in a number of ways: an oversized bank account, hundreds of thousands of social media followers, or a resume full of accolades and accomplishments. It can also look like a healthy relationship, a stable family life, or finally kicking a harmful habit. The … Continue reading 15 Quotes on the Meaning of Success

15 Calming Quotes From Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh

Vietnamese monk Thích Nhất Hạnh, who passed away on January 22, 2022 at the age of 95, was one of the foremost teachers of Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation. Having joined a monastery at age 16 in 1942, the spiritual leader spent most of his life studying, practicing, and spreading the Buddhist principles of nonviolence … Continue reading 15 Calming Quotes From Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh

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Your new post has been just indexed If You Don’t Have A Motto… Choose One.. Dhananjay Parkhe · 10:28 02 May 2022 Through the shadows we persevered. One with nature. Ever the best. From the grounds to the skies. Many hearts beating as one. Out of darkness we bring light. The first, the true. I … Continue reading Blogarama- Newsletter

Take a Baby to Lunch Day

Did you know... ... that today is Take a Baby to Lunch Day? Take a baby out to lunch on the birthday of Dr. Benjamin Spock, an authority on how to raise children. Spock was born on May 2, 1903, in New Haven, Connecticut.~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "Trust yourself, you know more than you think … Continue reading Take a Baby to Lunch Day

  Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India •COVID - 19 Vaccination Update - Day 472 •Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Availability in States/UTs  •In RMS 2022-23, 161.95 LMT wheat procured from 11 states (upto 01.05.2022) •After KIUG 2021 Gold-medal, Haryana's Wrestler Ashish eyes Commonwealth Games glory •Prime Minister Co-Chairs a Business Round Table in Berlin •PM greets … Continue reading   Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.