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Our Spring 2022 print issue tackles the contest we believe will define this century, between the great powers of China and the United States. Andrew Nathan’s cover story answers the question: What is America’s China policy, exactly? It’s changed dramatically over the last decade, from a posture of cooperation under President Obama—anyone remember the “pivot to Asia”?—to hostility under President Trump, into President Biden’s groove of “strategic competition,” which is a nebulous phrase Nathan works to unpack.

Also in our China package, Melinda Liu reports from Beijing on how the CCP sees BidenHal Brands considers the dangers of China’s declineTracy Wen Liu assesses the strange turn China’s Gen Z has taken into a kind of digital self-authoritarianism, and Rebecca Davis, former China correspondent for Varietyreviews two new works of Chinese government propaganda.

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New and Noteworthy

  • China Brief: Ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns are likely to have long-lasting economic effects, Chinese President Xi Jinping mounts a propaganda push ahead of his unprecedented third term, and the West battles Beijing in the Solomon Islands. In the latest edition of China Brief, James Palmer gives readers a digest of the stories you should be following in China. Sign up here.
  • FP Live: Last week, FP editor in chief Ravi Agrawal was joined by two of FP’s Spring 2022 print issue’s contributors: Hal Brands, the Henry A. Kissinger distinguished professor of global affairs at Johns Hopkins University, and Melinda LiuNewsweek’s Beijing bureau chief. They discussed the recent events changing U.S. policy on China, how rising COVID-19 cases are impacting President Xi Jinping’s bid for a third term, and more. Listen to the recording.
  • Exclusive: Multiple sources credited FP with first reporting that U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa David Satterfield will step down from his role after less than six months on the job, during a time of widespread tumult in the region. Read more of the latest news and analysis on Ethiopian politics and current affairs.

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