FP Editor’s Picks – Newsletter

MARCH 14, 2022 | 
1  Thousand-year war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has an abiding hatred of the West. The reasons for this hostility stretch back over the entire history of Russia, FP’s Michael Hirsh writes.  
2  Flawed plan. Russia’s unprovoked aggression in Ukraine has understandably prompted calls for more security assistance—but delivering decades-old fighter jets to the country is a terrible idea, Blake Herzinger writes.  
3  Road to Odesa. As the war intensifies and Russian forces attempt to gain control of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, one key city stands in their way: Mykolaiv, Stefanie Glinski reports.  
4  Digital threats. Democracies have observed digital oppression for years. They can no longer afford to stay on the sidelines, Victoria Coleman and Janet Napolitano write.  
5  Facing persecution. One of the most striking features of South Korean politics is its historic hostility to refugees, but persecuted Chinese Christians deserve asylum from Seoul, Doug Bandow writes.