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MARCH 12, 2022 | ER

Colonial mindset. Climate activism is typically framed as a necessary sacrifice for future generations. This attitude is dangerously close to the colonial mindset that caused the crisis, Priya Satia writes.


Curious stance. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. Yet the country has notably resisted punishing Russia for its decision to attack Ukraine, FP’s Amy Mackinnon and Jack Detsch report.


Surprising savior. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be seen as a catastrophe for the world economy. But it might actually save the global economic order, FP’s Edward Alden writes.


Flawed initiatives. As former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández falls from grace, his arrest speaks to deeper dysfunction within U.S.-led efforts to combat drug cartels, Jared Olson writes.


Financial warfare. As foreign companies announce their departures from Russia, they are in a dangerous position. Moscow will inflict enormous financial pain on them, FP’s Elisabeth Braw writes.