The Ericsson LIst.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is proud to bring you our latest investigation:

The Ericsson List

Less than two weeks ago, telecom giant Ericsson made a shocking public admission that it may have paid bribes to the terrorist group ISIS.The astonishing statement, which sent the company’s share value in a tailspin the next day, was part of an all-out public relations campaign Ericsson launched after ICIJ and 30 media partners began asking questions about the firm’s operations in Iraq.

Ericsson did not respond to our questions. And its secret dealings with ISIS are only part of the story we uncovered in the Ericsson’s List investigation — our latest global exposé on corporate corruption.


The Ericsson List is based on an extraordinary internal probe obtained and verified by ICIJ and shared with journalists in 22 countries. Our investigation — reported in collaboration with The Washington Post, SVT in Sweden, and other news outlets across Europe and the Middle East — reveals how nearly a decade of bribery, fraud and other corrupt practices sustained Ericsson’s business in a war-torn country.

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ICIJ and our media partners will continue to investigate the Ericsson List, its aftermath, and troubling questions it raises about oversight of international companies vital to geopolitical interests. Stay tuned.

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